We are here to provide the best health care services you have ever seen in Turkey at the most competitive price options for weight loss surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, eye surgeries, hair transplantation, and dental treatments. As we are the company solely being run by British partners and laid on the true story of our founder’s weight loss surgery, we know what you need better than anyone. Why Healthy LifeDedicated Personnel, Native Speaking Personnel, All-Inclusive Price Options, Wide Health Care Provider Network, Being Certified by National and International Bodies

The decision to get the surgery done in Turkey

As a professional who runs businesses in the beauty and cosmetic industries for more than 20 years in the UK, I had been suffering from my weight and never achieved to reach my desired weight, therefore I underwent Weight Loss Surgery in the UK ten years ago. However, even, I initially started to lose some weight then I regained them eventually, resulting in going back to the period I had been suffering. Afterward, I decided to have re-sleeve surgery (Revision Sleeve Gastrectomy) as I was not satisfied with the result I had, then started my research again. Unfortunately, although I was eligible for that surgery and definitely needed to get this done due to my health, none of the surgeons in the UK were willing to conduct my surgery. It necessitated me to do research again to get my re-sleeve surgery done. Then, I found the hospital in Izmir, Turkey, which has almost 100 surgeons who are experts in their fields, after I have been enlightened by health professionals, I booked my flight tickets and went to Turkey to undergo this surgery which I have been looking for. Fortunately, everything went well and I said welcome to my new and healthier life at the price well below what I would have had in the UK.

The Decision to establish Healthy Life

After my surgery and I have been experiencing amazing results, I started to think that why every person in the UK should not be able to obtain this such brilliant opportunity. As we all are aware that having surgery done in the UK, even if it is essential, could be a much tricky and frustrating thing. I decided to incorporate a company in Turkey to support my fellows with the experiences I gained during my journey. This is the story behind the Healthy Life and we now are providing health care services to around 100 patients per month coming from the UK to Turkey with 20 personnel trained with regards to health care services we are providing at the contracted hospitals and clinics throughout Turkey which have been certified by independent international bodies. Currently, we have also been registered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.  Now it is time to take a step for your new life and welcome the friendship you will possess along with your journey.

Let’s say welcome to YOUR NEW LIFE and NEW FAMILY.