Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Many women wish for breasts that are bigger, fuller, and firmer. Breast augmentation is performed for a variety of reasons. The majority of women, however, choose to undergo a breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons. This includes, among other things, breasts that aren't the same size or aren't developed in the same way

Underlying the urge for breast augmentation is a desire for naturally tiny breasts or subjectively seen as too small breasts that do not correspond to their own ideal of beauty.

Breast augmentation can also be prompted by a change in breast shape, whether as a result of pregnancy, extreme weight loss, or the normal aging process.

A disfiguring breast malformation is another possible reason for breast augmentation.

An incision under the breast, in the nipple area, or in the armpit is used to put a breast implant slightly behind the breast tissue or between the pectoral muscle and the ribs during breast augmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is critical that you monitor hibernation properly. Otherwise, the healing process may take longer or the desired outcome may not be achieved. You also avoid unpleasant complications, among other things. To get rid of scars as quickly as possible, we also propose a scar massage.
We recommend resting on your back for a few weeks after the operation, ideally with your head raised.
Your breasts are pressed down by the elastic rubber band, which is acceptable for most occasions. It improves the compression bra's effectiveness and aids in the stabilization of the implants.
Breast augmentation is only possible after 6 months of breastfeeding. During and after nursing, the size and form of the breasts alter.